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Three top gratitude tips for busy mornings

Finding time to be grateful in the morning isn't always easy.

Have you ever hit the snooze button one too many times and ended up racing through your morning to dash out the door feeling stressed and, somehow, even more tired? We’ve all been there.

Seriously, who wakes up at 5am to fit in a run, green smoothie and 30 minute meditation before the rest of the world has stopped dreaming!? Certainly not me. But I have found three easy ways to slow down my mind, even when I'm short on time.

The first thing I do every morning, after a yawn and stretch, is turn around and make my bed. This takes less than a minute with practice and feels like a gift to future me. Coming home after a long day to a bed ready to sink into is a delight and means that I always start my day with one small act of self care. You don't need to get up any earlier to do this, but trust me it's a game changer.

The next step in my quick morning routine is a shower. Yes, I like to be clean (who doesn't?) but this also gives me time to marvel at the miracle of hot running water. When it's really hard to dredge up any feelings of gratitude here, I imagine how I would feel if I didn't have a shower and hadn't washed in weeks. Not everyone in the world has access to this modern luxury and dedicating 30 seconds to acknowledging this instantly helps me feel more fortunate. Plus I leave smelling like a spring meadow. Double win.

Finally, coffee (or insert your morning drink of choice). I always make time to sit down with a hot, oat milk latte before I start my commute.It's what I look forward to most in the mornings. Partly because I'm a caffeine addict, but also because it gives me time to sit with my thoughts and check in with myself. I dedicate that time to mentally preparing for the day ahead. Honestly, it helps.

I hope that these three, easy morning steps have shown that finding little things that bring more peace into your day doesn't have to take time. It is the intention behind the action, no matter how hurriedly it is completed, that has the power to affect your day.

What little things do you most look forward to in the morning?

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